Scruffy Rebel

A long time ago in a Los Angeles far, far away….

A CR90 corvette came under fire in the skies over California. Vader’s finest boarded the transport to seek out and detain those of exceptional costuming talent, turning those resources toward Imperial gain. In the chaos, a single escape pod zoomed away from the doomed ship. Having crashed to the earth, a single life form emerged. She exuded grace, beauty, geekiness, charity, wisdom and pure costuming talent. Albeit, she looked a bit scruffy.

I am of course referring to the incomparable Scruffy Rebel aka Victoria. Here is a woman, whom many of our members have met at cons and the like, who strives to not only better the cosplay/costuming community but her community as well. A few of us in the ECG first learned about May the Force be with the Princess LEAH through Victoria’s posting of her plight. Not only is she a fantastic Ahsoka Tano cosplayer (among other ensembles), but last year this rebel went to bat for the cosplaying, heck the entire nerd community, and defended our right to express our geekdom from an RTV newscaster. Victoria kept her grace and cool in the face of adversity, forcing the network to pack up their hatchets and go home. For that reason it is only proper to put the spotlight on one of our favorite princesses!!!


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