Callie Cosplay

Hello and happy Friday to all of you fine folks out there!

The drive behind Pay-It-Forward Friday rests with the idea to foster awareness and goodwill, particularly amongst the cosplay/ costuming community. So many talented folks exist around the world, dare I say that they are Legion in number.

Today, our star is Callie Cosplay. Not only because she is a fantastic costumer. Not only is she a philanthropist in support on children’s charities. Not only does she, among many female cosplayers, promote the right for women to be accepted and celebrated in the nerd community against any and all naysayers.484847_309319002513021_1485589425_n

BUT because this is also her hour of need. Callie is right now suffering through a very serious illness and a very dire moment in her life, especially having only reached the age of 21. The linked article will fully detail her situation and how you can, if you wish, help her during this time of need.

This hits close to home not just because women such as these inspire my sister to greatness but also we in the 501st cosplay for a cause. From 1997 until the sun of our solar system has gone out (hopefully even longer after that), the 501st Legion will always cosplay for a cause. We help other because we can’t comprehend another way to interact with our world.

Take a look. Help if you can, whether it is a donation or cosplay print purchase. At the very least, keep her in your thoughts for a swift recovery.

May the Force Be With You Always!



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