Shea Standefer

I name you the Sword of the Cosplayer. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life of sewing and molding, and never shall you know peace the night before a convention, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow that you cast.

418785_404833939578483_490766931_nShea Standefer possesses cosplaying skills that cannot be denied. Jaina Solo in her various incarnations, Aayla Secura and Daenerys Targaryen all come to life under her amazing skill and expertise, which she is more than willing to pass along. Shea even managed to make a Wampa something you’d run toward during a blizzard. Check out her page and you’ll get the full meaning:

But paying it forward is not just about cosplaying skill. It also attempts to showcase the heart behind the helmets and hemming. Shea does her best to not only share her skill but also her experiences as a cosplayer. Sometimes when we are not gathered together under the sacred roof of a convention halls, it can feel as though we are islands unto ourselves. Alone and divided from one another. But Shea serves to be a sounding board and friendly ear to many cosplayers to share their concerns/hopes and vent their frustrations.

Now if we could just get her to go Imperial….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shea says:

    DUUUUUUUUDE you guys are making me cry my eyes out right now!!! This is the sweetest thing ever!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Hey, you deserve it just by being you. Keep it up! Let us know if you’re in ECG territory one of these days. MTFBWY

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