The Red Lady: Meg Turney

Happy Friday!

Let’s face it; most news programs are often bland and biased. Why can’t they be informative, hilarious and engaging? That’s why there is SourceFed. Anything and everything is discussed, pulled apart and lampooned by a team of internet journalists covering the breaking news of the day and the nonsensical wonders of pop culture.

Their newscasters are fantastic but let’s focus on the red lady: Meg Turney. She is a great beauty with long hair the color of burnished copper and pale, unblemished skin. Meg claims to wield powerful magical abilities, particularly the power of prophecy. Some years ago she crossed the Narrow Sea and came to the…wait, wrong red lady.

Regardless, Ms. Turney is a fantastic internet newscaster and her skills as a cosplayer are beyond measure and imagination.  Avenger Bunny Hawkeye, Borderlands Psycho Bandit, Ame-Comi Zatanna and our favorite princess all come to life through her costuming skill.391741_295107267256717_655798452_n

Check out both pages for some fun costumes and amazing video content!


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