Rebel Scum…I mean, Legion

GOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Interwebs!!!!

Why am I screaming? I have no idea because you can’t hear me. I’m typing.

…Anyways, who is prepping for International Star Wars Day?!?!

We are! Not only is it Star Wars Day but it also happens to be Free Comic Book Day as well!! Could it get better? Not sure, but our hearts might implode from anymore epicness that day.

Now, the 501st Legion is the premier *Imperial* Star Wars costuming organization. We bring peace, freedom, justice and equality to all citizens of the First Galactic Empire. Simply put, we bring order to chaos.

But what causes that chaos? Smugglers, snubfighter jockeys, brigands, and other forms of rebel scum who are usually commanded in their anarchy by Jedi fugitives. They seek to disrupt the balance of things. Smuggling goods past Imperial checkpoints deprives widows, orphans and public works projects from support through taxation. Insurgents destroying Imperial communication stations, barracks and other facilities leave citizens vulnerable to pirate attacks and without vital government services.

And Jedi. Those midichlorain counting, log levitating, child stealing anarchists seek to impose their dictatorship of the mind on loyal, free citizens of the Empire. Do not trust them!

They may appear impressive in their capabilities and appearances but they must be stopped at all costs. If you see any of this so called @Rebel Legion, contact your local 501st Garrison immediately!

Dial 1-501-ORDER-66!538336_10151458771148205_613072678_n


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