So we’ve been putting the spotlight on different cosplayers and organizations as of late. But we would be negligent if we did not stop at least once to Pay It Forward to one of the most essential groups in the 501st Legion: Squires.

Actually a myriad of terms get thrown about: squires, spotters, support crew and even armor wench have been uttered (the last usually earning that trooper an airborne piece of armor aimed at their head).

These people are essential to a trooper and any event the 501st attends. Simply put, most troopers cannot put on their costumes by themselves. Is it because we don’t know how? No.


Most types of armor, especially the more elaborate and expensive builds like Vader of Fett, limit both vision and mobility.  The pieces are cumbersome to assemble and often require a good deal of securing to stay in place. Often over the course of many troops, our squire will attain MacGeiver like skills in their ability to both assemble and repair troopers as we go through the crowds.

Likewise, squires perform crowd control. Do you know why there were mouse droids in the movies?

We can’t see below our own noses in most cases, absolutely no field of vision. Our support crew helps clear a path through the crowd, prevent us from steeping on children and keep us on schedule.

Who are these great men and women? They are family. Moms, dads, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends and sometimes an unknown third party we received from the Hutts.


403878_772368181176_334506391_n206555_1985178070573_1497279_nRegardless, they are the unsung heroes of the 501st Legion!

Without them, we’d look like this:


Instead, we look like this:


Thank You!!!!


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