Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe

Riddle me this:

What is short in stature but can stand tall above the rest,
A wardrobe that claims to be messy but is meticulous at best?
Who can be whiter than snow and a black cat all the same,
She will Cosplay for a Cause, do you know her name?

The answer is: Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe aka Riki LeCotey!

Take a peek at her awesome work on a variety of different costumes including; Snow White, Marvel’s Black Cat, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Silk Spectre, Bettie Page Rocketeer and more! Notably, she has a workshop album giving a peek into how such detailed works are created. They can certainly point you in the right direction for some costuming help.


In the collage picture we made, she is modeling ANH Princess Leia in 2011. This particular costume was researched and crafted by Holly Fre, who discovered that Leia’s hood is not fully enclosed (FYI for those looking at Alderaan reference photos). Photo credit belongs to Benny Lee Photography.

Also, we like to promote costumers that involve themselves in philanthropic endeavors too. Riki is one of the founders of Cosplay for A Cause, which raises money for the Red Cross. Some of her other prints are slated for specific charities as well from time to time. Links down below. Head on over, give her a like perhaps and let her know the ECG sent you!




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