From the Desk of the CO, June 2017.

From the desk of the CO

Coming at you from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away is the Empire City Garrison of the 501st Legion. Well, actually we are coming from the Hudson Valley, 5 boroughs of NYC, and Long Island parts of New York in the United States. The garrison formed in 1999 but we are coming at you completely from the present time. Although my intro is seemingly more appropriate and more fun sounding, I’d like to be realistic and more informative to you the reader.

My name is Anthony Paladino and I am the Commanding Officer of the Empire City Garrison. I’d like to welcome you all to the Empire City Garrison blog. The Empire City Garrison is a faction of the charity organization the 501st Legion. The 501st Legion is a non-profit, all volunteer organization of Star Wars fans who dress up as villainous Star Wars character costumes and attend charity events. The organization has members all over the world, organized in branches (or garrisons as we call them) to keep things organized geographically.

Empire City is the garrison that covers the Hudson Valley, 5 boroughs of NYC, and Long Island parts of New York. At this time we are doing a relaunch of our blog. The blog’s purpose is to keep the public informed of our latest endeavors and to help bring you in closer to the fun things that we do.  We also know there our likewise Star Wars fans out there who would love to know what we are up to and would like to learn more about the organization.

I just wanted to take the time to greet everyone who is about to embark on this galactic journey with us.


That is all from the desk of the CO for this blog segment.  Please, sit back and enjoy the ride.

For The Empire!


Anthony Paladino

TK-10666 “Redforce”


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