From the Desk of the CO, July 2017

From the Desk of the CO:

Greetings imperial citizens and galactic friends! Welcome to the July edition of the Empire City Garrison blog. Hopefully you all enjoyed the June edition as we have completed the first month of the re-launch of the Garrison blog.


In that edition we introduced you to one of the Empire’s finest in the “Why We Troop” segment. We also gave you some insight on how and where we start with the costume process to become a Stormtrooper of the 501st Legion in the “Behind the Bucket” portion of the blog. And we concluded with a recap of some of the events that the Empire City Garrison supported in the month of June.

These are all the backbone of what the legion is. Our members, costumes, and events. Combine those 3 and you have a juggernaut of an organization that is just plowing through the universe for a great cause. An organization of likeminded Star Wars fans who want to take their passion and use it to help communities and promote the amazing fun filled universe of the Star Wars.

With that being said, we move onto the month of July. This month you will meet another one of our members and get to hear their story. We all have similar yet different stories on how and why we are here at the 501st legion. So, keep an eye out for another segment of “Why We Troop” which will post next week.

This month you will also learn some more about our costuming as you did in June and we will give you the run down on the places and events The Empire City Garrison were a part of in July. The Garrison has a packed schedule this month.

We will be appearing at numerous conventions including a large one out on Long Island that you will hear all about. We are also appearing at a few libraries, summer camps, a toy show and even a sporting event up in the Hudson Valley area. All great fun and exciting stuff. So the journey continues…

That is all from the desk of the CO for the month of July.

For The Empire!

Anthony Paladino
TK-10666 “Redforce”
Commanding Officer
Empire City Garrison


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