Behind the Bucket: PathFinders

Greeting troopers and prospective recruits!

We are back again with another detachment on this month’s Behind the Bucket featurette.

Now, I won’t rehash the basics of what a detachment is and how to go about joining the forum(s) etc. Details can be found here:


We’re not talking about the FISD today. Much love to the OG plastic boys and girls but we’re going to focus on the Tip of the Lance aka the 501st PathFinders.

First, what is a Pathfinder? Just like the name implies, they find a path. Harkening back to the days of WWII, pathfinders were the advance paratroopers. By that I mean, the drop behind enemy lines to set up the drop zones for the bulk of their divisions (e.g. 101st Abn Div) to target, deploy and land.

Historically, there were pathfinders in the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) that landed in the Normandy campaign.

But what are 501st Legion Pathfinders?

They are the Scout Troopers

image credit

Clone Scouts

image credit

and Shoretroopers

image credit


What are some of the perks to a pathfinder? Mobility is the main thing.

Image result for scout trooper gif

However, this is not unique to pathfinders as all mainly cloth costumes provided mobility. Speaking from experiences, the scout trooper provides the ability for a trooper to be mobile and also layer accordingly depending upon the season. the under-suits are normally modified flight suits which allow to layer, within reason, underneath as opposed to the skin tight suits required by the TKs.

Trade offs, we if you want to carry a large rifle or blaster, scout troopers only have small holdout blasters. But the main hurdle is visibility, particularly with the clone and biker variants due to the blinders attached to the visors of the helmets.

As always, make friends on the forums to find out the scoop for what your ideal armor build might be. The most important thing: be practical but pick a character you love! That is what will make the experience of being in the 501st Legion memorable to you and everyone you encounter.

Image result for scout trooper gif

Happy trails!


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